Holiday Update

There has been significant progress at Center Steps over the past several months and we’re happy to announce that we’ve made it to the half-way point of construction!  We have a little less than a year left to finish construction which is exciting.

The construction team worked hard throughout the summer and fall to ensure that all of the wood framing and roofing would be complete prior to our rainy weather in December.  With those items complete, we are now focused mainly on the exterior siding, window installation and interior construction.  If you drive or walk by the site or if you live/ work close by, you’ll see the scaffolding, the purple netting and the mechanized lifts around the buildings which allow the construction team to install the masonry, metal panels, cedar trim, Hardie siding and windows at all levels.

The construction team is also focused on the interiors.  Mechanical, plumbing and electrical installation is in progress while the team is also working on drywall, texture, paint and gypcrete (the concrete sub-floor that’s installed prior to the flooring material going down). We even have cabinets in some units!  Things are moving fast and in no time at all, we should have a floor of units complete and ready for a final check by the development team.

The Center Steps team wishes all of our neighbors and potential residents a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year.  You’ll be hearing from us again in January!

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