New Mural and Completion of Major Concrete

We are happy to announce that we have replaced the construction perimeter fence with a mural that includes vibrant color and expressive faces along Mercer Street.  We hope that you’ve been enjoying the new mural!  The mural design and painting was done by locals artists that go by the names of They Drift, Ksra and Zaeos.

There has been quite a bit of activity and progress at the site over the last couple of weeks.  The majority of the concrete work has been completed including both below grade parking levels and the first floor commercial spaces.  The balance of the concrete work for residential level 2 will be on Tuesday, May 7th and the first section of the residential level 3 will be completed on May 17th.  Completion of this work is a major milestone which will allow the wood framing to begin.  The wood framing is scheduled to start on May 22nd and you will see lumber deliveries coming to the site.

On Friday, 5/10 and Saturday, 5/11, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will be connecting the domestic water, fire and irrigation lines and 3rd Ave will be closed from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, 5/10 and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, 5/11.  Drivers will still be able to access the Seattle Center parking garage entrance from Mercer St.  We received notice from SPU that the work scheduled this weekend will not require a water shut-down; however, it’s likely that a shut-down will be scheduled by SPU in the future to complete the work on the water line.  In the event a water shut-down is required, we have been informed that SPU will make every effort to schedule the shut-down early in the morning so that it minimizes disruption to neighbors and local businesses.

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