Site Prep and Erosion Control

Site clearing, grading and sidewalk saw cutting continues this week. Erosion control measures are also being installed (this reduces storm water runoff from the site when it rains) and consists of gravel and sand bags to keep sediments from draining into the storm system, with staked plastic silt fences to keep soils onsite. Pictured is a typical silt fence diagram.
The subcontractors on site this week will be:

Fruhling – the excavator and soil export firm

Kulchin – the shoring contractor

Exxel Pacific – the general contractor

There is a large amount of water draining down the hill through the site so early next week the contractor will install some wells that catch the water and divert it to large water holding tanks, which are commonly called “Baker Tanks” in the industry. These wells are called “dewatering wells” and are a standard part of many urban infill construction projects.

Following all the above, excavation of the site for the parking garage will be very visible. You will see many dump trucks at the site, as they get loaded up with the soil that is being removed, and hauled off to special dump sites.

The contractor, Exxel, will also have traffic control staff ensuring the export of soil is handled safely and efficiently. Additionally, the city requires that an independent inspector inspect the roads to ensure the trucks and equipment are not creating dirt and mud tracking onto the street.

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