Site Progress and New Mural

We made it through the extreme weather of February and with the (very welcome) dry weather and sunshine during recent weeks, we’ve made a lot of progress at the site.  The concrete flooring, walls, columns and ramping in the P2 and P1 garage levels are now complete and the construction team has made significant progress with the concrete floor of the L1 level (L1 represents both the public plaza/ podium at grade and the first floor of the residential buildings).  The L1 concrete is poured in four sections and so far, the first section at the east perimeter of the property is complete.  The construction team will be pouring the second section at the NE corner of the site this Friday, 3/29.  The third section, located at the SW perimeter of the site, will be poured next Wednesday, April 3rd.  As each section of the L1 level is poured, vertical steel, columns, load-bearing interior walls and perimeter walls go up in preparation for the L2 residential level.  The L1 level should be completed by mid-April and after that, work will start on the shoring, prepping, forming and MEPF (mechanical, fire, electrical and fire system) installation for L2.



In addition to concrete, a lot of progress has been made on our site utilities.  Our permanent power crossing on Roy St. is complete as is our sewer connections on both 2nd and 3rd .  We now have only gas, storm and water connections remaining.


As you may have noticed during the past month, the Center Steps construction fencing along Mercer St. has been tagged repeatedly by graffiti.  In an attempt to dissuade future tags and to add something a little more fun and visually appealing along the frontage of the site, we hired a group of artists to create a colorful and vibrant mural on the fencing.  The artists will be at the site on Friday, 3/29 to prep the fencing and will be painting Saturday, 3/30 through Sunday, 3/31.  We’re excited to see the results!

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