Temporary Site Closure

Neighbors –

We’d like to inform you that due to the governor’s “Stay-at-Home” order now in effect, the Center Steps construction site will be shut-down from March 26th through April 8th and longer if the governor extends the order.  Our team has anticipated this occurrence and we have taken measures to ensure that the construction site remains safe.  Starting Thursday, the site will be fully locked down and secure.  Additional cameras have been installed around the perimeter, all entrances to the garage and building have been secured and 24-hour security will be patrolling the site.  Members of our team will be visiting the site periodically to inspect all floors and ensure that the site safety is maintained.  During this shut-down, we ask that all of you remain alert and if you notice any suspicious activity at the site, please immediately call 911.

We will continue to send e-mails and post information to the Center Steps blog to provide you with updates and information about site activity.

Thank you and please do everything possible to stay safe and healthy

Center steps aerial view

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