46,000 Cubic Yards of Soil

Pictured is the NE corner of the site as of Wednesday morning, with a lot more dirt removed!

Since our last post, over eight thousand cubic yards of soils has been loaded up into dump trucks and hauled off. 21,500 cubic yards of dirt has been hauled away so far. We’re nearly at the halfway point of the estimated amount of 46,000 cubic yards.

All along the north side of the site the tie backs for the shoring wall have all been complete. A tieback is a structural element installed in soil, typically in the form of a horizontal wire or rod. This provides additional stability to the shoring wall. Tiebacks are drilled into soil using a small diameter shaft, and usually installed at an angle up to 45 degrees.  This system keeps the adjacent soil from caving into the hole.  We are also monitoring movement of all the walls daily, to make sure there is no movement that will affect the sidewalks.

The contractor plans to continue excavation prep work on Saturday. This means the excavation equipment will be digging more soil at the perimeter of the site and moving it into piles onsite which will be hauled out by dump trucks on Monday. The goal is to be complete with all excavation and soil removal by the mid-late November. Dump truck activity to remove soil from the site and traffic control by Exxel will continue for the next several weeks.

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