Tower Crane Coming Soon

The parking garage excavation is almost completed.  The sides have reached the bottom of excavation and the 4th side (Roy/3rd) still has about 10 ft. to go, and should be completed by the end of next week. Dump truck activity to remove soil from the site and traffic control by Exxel will continue for the next several weeks.

The tower crane footings and concrete base will be poured this week, and the tower crane itself is scheduled to be erected on Wednesday, November 28th. Due to the size of the staging area necessary to build and erect the crane, this will require a temporary closing of 3rd Ave N between Mercer and Roy on November 28th.

Pictured is a sample image of tower crane footing before the concrete is poured. The footing is comprised of a rebar reinforced concrete pad that stabilizes the height and weight of the crane.




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